About Me

picture of Bill Somogyi in his wheelchair in Love Park Philadelphia
That's me in my wheelchair in Love Park Philadelphia

My name is Bill Somogyi, I’m a single father of three who loves photography, painting, sketching, traveling and enjoying life.  That’s me to the left with my trusty wheelchair in Love Park Philadelphia, Pa.

We all have negatives in our life, it’s what we do when confronted with them that really makes the difference as we move forward.  Two years ago I found myself in the hospital for a total of 5 1/2 months eventually leaving without the use of my legs.  I was determined to put a positive spin on my situation because I was worried my kids would feel obligated to stay home and take care of me. 

I have a son in his 2nd year of college and my youngest a daughter will be entering college this fall.  They needed to know they were free to enjoy life and prepare for their futures without constantly worrying about me. Thanks to God, Google Maps and the internet I have been able to adapt to my situation and turn my negative into a positive.

I’ve always believed there was a reason for everything.  Surely God had a plan for me or this wouldn’t have happened.  God knew a little more about me than I did myself so it took me a little time to figure it out.  I’ve never been one to let things or obstacles get in my way.  I never give up.

Armed with my love of photography, painting and now maybe a little writing I’m on a new journey in life.  Thus the birth of this website.  It’s my hope this web site will be a help to others who may find themselves in my situation.  It's a beautiful and wonderful world we live in and that didn't change because I'm in a wheelchair.

My website will not focus on the negatives of being wheelchair bound but the many wonderful places still accessible to us.  I’m fortunate; I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa.  The train system in our area is fabulous and quite a few of the stations are accessible to wheelchairs so that’s where I’ll be starting my new adventures.  That being said Iceland is in the back of my mind so who knows.

God Bless My Friends, Smile God Loves Us.
With a little patience Philadelphia is more accessible than you think!

I'm dedicating this site to some very special people:
My Parents who raised me to enjoy and embrace life and most importantly have faith in myself and are still encouraging me today.

My children who have had to adapt more than any child should yet always have a smile and hug for me and are the reason I've endured.

My best friend, Dee McGarry who treats me like I’m normal and gives me a kick in the pants when I need it.