Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello World

Photo of Suburban Station Philadelphia, Pa
I chose a picture of Suburban Station in Philadelphia, Pa for my first post for a reason.  I am wheelchair bound and the train is one of my favorite modes of transportation as I embark on my journeys. It’s my hope that others will see my blog or website and realize life doesn’t end if you find yourself in a wheelchair, a new journey begins.

God has given us this wonderful gift called life and it is still there for us to enjoy.  My motto is “With a little patience the world is more accessible than you think!”  As the weeks and months go by I’ll be posting pictures that I take from my wheelchair to show people all the wonderful places one can enjoy along with some helpful tips and reviews.

Don’t look for negative reviews of places you can’t see, I’ve found there are too many places I can enjoy to dwell on the negatives.

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