Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yo Adrian, I did it.

Just getting started
Yo Adrian, I did it!  The classic line from Rocky II when he won his first Heavyweight Boxing Championship.  I chose this title for my first blog post for a reason.  For those not familiar with the Rocky movies the underlying theme throughout was the grit and determination he had.

He wasn't a gifted athlete, as a matter of fact he was clumsy, slow and not too smart.  Despite battling boxers who were much bigger, were better physical specimens and had all the latest modern technology for training he beat the odds. He had the one weapon none of his competitors had "Determination and Grit".  If you're like me and have recently 
found yourself without the use of your legs that's exactly what we need to experience a full and wonderful life.
"Grit and Determination"
Now I'm not here to tell you it's going to be easy and that your life doesn't change, but I'm not here to tell you it's the end of the world either.

I'm here to tell you a positive, never give up attitude and sticking to your rehab so you can build up your arm strength will help you to live an enjoyable and productive life.  I did it at age 54 so those younger
A little over halfway up
Finally at the top with arms raised like Rocky
should have an easier time.  Those a little older will probably have it a little harder but it's still there for the taking.

Like Rocky in the movies, we need to push and challenge ourselves.  When we do, the rewards are unbelievable.  The feelings of accomplishment push us even further to achieve more than we or others ever thought we could.

Today I challenged myself to climb the Art Museum steps that Rocky ran up everyday while training. With the use of my arms and my rear end I boosted myself up one step at a time until I got to the top. BTW there is an accessible path that does go up to the top for those who are not able to climb the steps like I did.

So why did I do it?  First off myself!  I, like every other tourist found great satisfaction climbing to the top and saying "Yo Adrian, I did it!" Second, when I climbed to the top I was treated to the spectacular view in the Photo I took below.  This Photo means a little more to me now.
My prize, the same breathtaking view Rocky saw.
It's my hope in the weeks, months and years ahead I can have a collection of photos and posts about all the wonderful places I've been able to see and enjoy so that others will be inspired to go out and live life.  Trust me life doesn't end, a new journey begins.

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